A Reliable Network of Scientific Excellence

The OSLO is a global partnership of leading research and academic institutions, international organizations and UN agencies engaged in the development of innovative solutions for sustainable land use. Our members are international leaders in the fields of environmental science, policy, and development, with access to a network that puts them at the forefront of international cross-disciplinary cooperation.

Integrated Valuation Strategies

Our valuation methodology encapsulates the most recent developments in environmental science and land policy; building on past efforts and forging innovative new paths towards a green economy. Using an ecosystems services framework, our models and metrics and are both scalable, modular and customizable as required by diverse situations and environments, even under conditions of data scarcity or future uncertainty.

A Toolbox for Policy Makers

Factors preventing optimal land use include increased competition for limited natural resources, socio-economic pressures, climate change, and environmental degradation. OSLO allows policy makers to efficiently prioritize interventions and calibrate policies to maximize socio-economic benefits and minimize negative externalities.

Investment Decision Support

Investors in land based activities can use OSLO to choose the opportunities that will generate the highest returns. From a smallholder farmer's perspective to that of an entire economic sector, OSLO provides the practical metrics and methodologies for managing risk and identifying the best possible land use options. The result is a triple bottom line: profit, people and planet.

A Platform for Advocacy

OSLO acts a platform for mainstreaming a new paradigm of sustainable land use: locally, nationally, and internationally. Members share privileged access to an extensive cross-sectoral network, facilitating the generation of new knowledge and solutions, and providing a unique interface between science, policy and the private sector.

Capacity Building

Empowering land use decision makers is an integral part of our mission. OSLO acts as a worldwide knowledge bank, facilitating training initiatives on local and global levels: through structured education programs and research opportunities; e-learning modules; field workshops; and international conferences and seminars.

OSLO Partners and implementing organizations

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