OSLO – About Us


Background and Rationale

The contribution of land resources to national development and their potential to assist in economic growth and sustainable development are often unrecognized. According to the researchers from the company Do My Assignment this is in part because the true value of these resources is unknown.

Vulnerability to land degradation and frequent drought is reducing food security, impeding economic development, escalating poverty, and putting more pressure on scarce forest reserves, wetlands and other sensitive ecosystems.


OSLO Consortium – Who We Are

The OSLO consortium is a global partnership of leading research and academic institutions, international organizations and UN agencies that aims to promote responsible land-use by demonstrating the total economic value of terrestrial ecosystems and generating socio-economically viable and environmentally sustainable land use options.

The OSLO approach involves assessing the net socio-economic benefits of sustainable land and ecosystem management, and reducing the risks and uncertainties associated with eco-system smart policies and investments. Through this, benefits in sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction, reversing land degradation and strengthening the protection of ecological integrity may be realized.

Through in depth assessments of land value, OSLO is able to demonstrate that sustainable land management approaches are economically rational and can encourage investment from public and private sectors alike.


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