Achieving a land degradation-neutral world requires the socio-economic assessment of the costs and benefits of alternative land uses at global, regional, and national levels. Each OSLO member contributes to an open, shared platform where models, studies and datasets are used for supporting and complementing economic valuation exercises, comparative analyses, capacity-building initiatives, and empowering land use decision-makers to make informed decisions.

Below is a selection of resources produced and made available by the OSLO network in association with company on web.  Feel free to download and share any of our resources. If you need any more information, please contact us.  


Report: Economic Valuation Assessment of Land Resources, Ecosystems Services and Resource Degradation in Tanzania (2011)

This report describes the characteristics of selected pilot areas in Tanzania including selection criteria, social economic and biophysical characteristics, major land uses, kinds of degradation and current status. Specifically, the report addresses the Tabora Region (central western Tanzania), which is a region that is undergoing rapid transformation from natural ecosystems to other forms of land uses leading to various levels of land degradation. The report also describes in detail how economic valuation of land has been conducted.


Report: Assessing the Value of Land and Costs of Land Degradation in Zambia (2012)

This report conducts an economic valuation study of the land resources in the Kafue District, Zambia. The report analyzes the costs and benefits of specific sustainable land use options and investment strategies for the study area and makes future recommendations, for the purposes of (i) integrating the study results into the national development planning processes; (ii) identifying specific opportunities for Sustainable Land Management (SLM) investments; and (v) proposing a methodology forscaling up Economic Valuation of Land across other regions in Zambia.


Report: The Values of Land Resources in the Cardamom Mountains (2011) 

This report represents the first attempt at a comprehensive valuation of all ecosystem services of the central Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia. To address the substantial limitations of data scarcity in the region, the study outlines a novel methodological approach through which existing data is supplemented with field studies. The picture that emerges from this approach enabled the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) to gain a sufficient understanding of both the relative values of different ecosystems services and, most importantly for policy development, the overall value of the full range of ecosystems services that an area such as the Central Cardamom Mountains generates.

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